My Story

I am Alan, a full stack engineer from Hong Kong, a sport lover, Japanese otaku culture enthusiast.
I like to try different technologies. I believe that understanding the basis concept is the essential path to grasp a technique.
When I was 18 years old, my dad told me that I should be more serious for my hobby, even it is just a hobby. I agree with him. The wide range of hobbies consumed many years of my life. I fighted in some amateur Thai-boxing competitions, trained American football and played in the amateur competitions, self-learned Japanese and got the Level 1 JPLT certificate, participated in some Marathons in Japan, re-learned the basis math and studied an online postgraduate course for AI.
I am not a genius. What I had achieved is only recognising what they are, but not really good at them. Nevertheless, I believe that the experience we gained from one field, we will eventually make use of it on another field unconsciously.

About Website

This is a website for sharing myself, also recording and trying what I've learnt. I'm not planning to put any too technical details here, there are already a lot of articles, both official and unofficial, in the internet. Instead, I will just try to put some analyses, foundings here for myself to recall the memory.